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K-Array KR200s Redline Series

Pricelist : Rp. 233.840.000,-
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The K-array Redline Series KR200s is a compact and efficient portable powered PA/stage monitor system ideal for Concert Halls, Theatre, Houses of Worship and AV presentations. It is comprised of the KL18ma self-powered subwoofer with an additional DSP controlled powered output and 35mm pole adaptor designed for a KR200 ultra- slim line array satellite speaker. The KR200 is comprised of 2 x two meters stainless steel chassis each containing 32 x 2" neodymium transducers. They are 5.5 cm wide and 7 cm deep, weighing 9 Kg total. They are hinged together for focusing and easier transport. Due to the slim profile and minimum distance between drivers it reproduces the full vocal frequency range with clear intelligibility and excellent phase coherent 120° x 7° coverage.

The 18" long-excursion speaker of the KL18ma sub section employs a neodymium magnet and 3" voice coil. The large ports are designed to be fully symmetrical to the speaker, which means the back loading on the driver is consistent and even, with no port air turbulence. The cabinet weighs a mere 20 Kg. The triangle port construction provides excellent structural integrity and strength, effectively eliminating any box resonance.
The overall system response is from below 40 Hz to 19KHz with 127dB continuous and 133 dB peak output.
An internal DSP module provides control presets. The output can optionally be used to power the KL18 passive subwoofer. Dedicated software allows for remote control of the system from a PC

  • Unique performance-to-size ratio
  • High power 127dB continuous, 133dB peak
  • Fitted with integral handles
  • Line array emission wavefront
  • Integrated mounting system
  • DSP on board with 16 dedicated presets
  • Remote PC control software (RS485)
  • Ultra fast set-up and dismantling system
  • Theatrical sound reinforcement
  • Concert halls, clubs, houses of worship
  • Portable and installed audio-visual systems
  • Cinema and special effects

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Pricelist : Rp. 25.460.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 17.185.500,- ( Save 32,5% )

Complete Versatility

Whether recording in the studio, running live house sound, recording a live show, or for use as a stage monitor mixing board, the feature-packed SX4882 does it all. Designed with live performance versatility and recording necessities built in, this console combines years of every sound engineer’s wants and needs into one high-performance machine. It may not get you free beer or groupies, but it rocks for live-sound and recording.

What is an In-Line Mixer? And Why You Want One

An in-line mixer is a mixer within a mixer. That’s the reason you will notice this board is labeled Channels 1-24 AND Channels 25 – 48. It’s really two 24-channel mixers in one.
This “embedded mixer,” called Mix B, is typically used in recording applications, but it has some useful live-sound features as well. In the studio, Mix B allows you to return all your multi-track tape channels back into channels on the board without losing any of your 24 main-input channels. This provides seamless playback and mixdown capabilites with just a few button pushes and no additional patching. In other words, no visible plumber-cracks or untimely delays. Live, Mix B can be used to send a totally separate 2-track mix to a recording device, separate speaker zone or out to a broadcast feed, plus it functions as an additional monitor or effects bus.
One reason you’ll really appreciate having the in-line mixer is simple: LIVE RECORDING. If you’ve ever tried to make a recording off of the board during a live show, you know how well that works (NOT!). Often input and output levels necessary for quality recording do not match the requirements of the live mix, where stage volumes factor in to the overall room sound. Getting around that issue used to require a splitter and second mixer just for recording. Now that is eliminated by having an in-line mixer in your live board.

Va-Va-Va-Versatility! No More “Creative Patching”

Input choices and routing options are not overrated. In fact, they are essential to managing technically complex instrumentation or multiple bands all patched into the same board. And while you may not need every patching option for every show, at least you know you have every input and output option you could ever need. You will be grateful to have features like Insert points on every channel input, all Subgroups and on the Main outs. Direct Outputs on each channel are very useful too and may even make you a hero for about 5 minutes when you can provide a seemingly improbable solution by taking a direct split off the console to feed some other input source.
Use your creativity where it matters most – in getting the sound and mix you want, not on brain-twisting patching compromises and channel routing puzzles. Complete versatility and accessibility is what it’s all about and the SX4882 does not disappoint.

All Channels Are Indeed Created Equal

There’s no scrimping and saving on this board. Every channel has every feature of every other channel. They are all the same! No more “if only” sighs of frustration to utter as you try to organize your inputs.
As long as we’re talking about channel strips, you might as well know that this board has a big treat in store for you: TWO bands of semiparametric mid range controls. This is two more than many boards offer and at least one more than most live sound boards. Gone is the dilemma of EQ-ing out the honk at 600 or adding a little upper-mid crispness at 2k to bring out the clarity. Now you don’t have to compromise.There’s no scrimping and saving on this board. Every channel has every feature of every other channel. They are all the same! No more “if only” sighs of frustration to utter as you try to organize your inputs.

British EQ for Bloody Excellent Sound

Expensive British consoles have long been praised for having sweeter, smoother channel EQ than many other mixers provide. That’s why the EQ circuitry on the SX4882 is designed with British-style EQ, with wider curves and smoother phase characteristics. It maximizes effective frequency sculpting without harshness or gaping holes in the audio spectrum. This sweet feature will benefit your mixes – both live and in the studio. You may even start saying “Check One, Two” with a British accent. And it’s worth repeating that there are two sweepable EQ bands, not just one. That’s a must-have for many situations, and now you have it!

Mic Pre’s – the Muck Stops Here

The microphone preamp is one of the most important circuits in a mixing console. It boosts the low level microphone signal to a line-level operating level and it’s the first bit of processing applied to any mic signal. No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “garbage in equals garbage out.” This is really true when it comes to mic preamps. Common issues with lower quality mic pres include noise, distortion, low headroom, and unimpressed fans. BEHRINGER uses high quality XENYX preamps in our professional mixers. These are ultra low noise, high headroom preamps that can hold their own, even against expensive standalone boutique-style preamps.

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

This baby’s got buttons. Do buttons look cool? Yes! Is this why they are on the board? No! They’re there because you need them all! But many mixers don’t have all these options, which may be why some sound technicians are missing a lot of their hair.
One word of caution: You may have to contend with adoring masses asking if you really know what all those buttons do.
PFL/SOLO capability on:
  • Every channel, pre- or post-fader option
  • Aux bus sends
  • Aux returns
  • All subgroups
  • Headphone mixes

Routing Matrix Buttons & More:

  • Select switch that assigns Mix B input OR mic/line input to Main Channel strip
  • Mic/Line input select button
  • Aux Send Mix B- sends Mix B input source to Aux send
  • B-channel Flip switches Mix B input source to mirror main channel input
  • Mix B operating input level, +4dB or -10 db
  • Channel low-cut fi lter
  • Phantom power On, independent 8-channel blocks
  • Subgroup and Main Mix assignment
  • Channel mutes - on all channels 1-48, including all Mix B channels

Octo-riffic Subgroups

Having eight Subgroups give you so much flexibility you may just become a gymnast on the side. These Subgroups can be used to send eight individual tracks directly to your tape, digital interface or hard disk recorder, or they can be used as four stereo submixes. There are two parallel outputs on each subgroup, to feed up to 16 multi-track channels.
During a live show you could use four of the subgroups for instrument and vocal sub-mixing to the PA and the other four could be for a tape submix, if you choose not to use Mix B as your tape mix. For use with a stereo PA you still have 4 subgroups total to work with, and when used as a stage monitor console, the SX4882 can provide up to 16 independent monitor mixes by combining the subgroups, Aux busses, and L/R Mix B. Wicked!
In the studio, the eight Subgroups allow maximization of recording inputs by allowing several channels to be mixed down to a smaller number of recording tracks. By combining channel inputs into subgroups which go directly out to tape, you have the ability to record even more than 24 discreet inputs. Also, the outputs of the subgroups have selectable operating output levels (+4dB or -10dB) to match the inputs of your recording device.

The MeterBridge – Functionality and Stunningly Cool

Once you’ve had a meterbridge on deck, it’s hard to go back. Essential in the studio and amazingly cool live, the meterbridge provides visual confirmation of what is going on with all your signals with just a quick glance. Each input channel, all the subgroups and the main outputs feature 12-level LEDs organized incrementally with traffic light style color coding, so you can verify input and output levels, even on the Mix B channels.
Many console manufacturers offer a meterbridge only as an expensive, optional add-on, however, the SX4882 provides it standard.The MeterBridge – Functionality and Stunningly Cool

Church Services

Running live sound in houses of worship has become a truly professional pastime with the advent of affordable, quality sound gear and the rise of congregations that require bigger and more capable sound systems. The multiple input and auxiliary send options of the SX4882 are designed to accommodate a wide variety of performance needs, large and small.
Worship services, choir, and music ensembles are easily mixed and recorded live. Go directly into your digital interface from the subgroup outs, Mix B or Main Out, right into your tracking software. CD’s or DVDs can then be distributed to members of the congregation who may have trouble attending services.
Caution: your status may be elevated in the church from sound grunt to near-savior.

Corporate A/V

Corporate AV is a truly multi-media experience, where there may be many different input sources - from a laptop, MP3, CD, DVD, television, projector, or camera. The SX4882 has RCA tape in and two external 1/4" 2-track inputs, plus each channel has the choice of balanced or unbalanced, +4dB or -10dB input levels. Mix B provides additional input options for routing audio sources into the console. With 48 total channels and 82 total inputs, even the largest conventions can be accommodated. Corporate presentations often require sound reinforcement to a large room, typically with several pairs of speakers scattered throughout the auditorium. With eight subgroup outs, you have 4 sets of individual stereo controls, in addition to the main L/R out. Mix B provides an additional stereo mix, for a total of 6 separate stereo output options.

Recording Studio Features

  • 8 subgroups with dual parallel outputs to drive 8 or 16 channels of a recording device or digital interface
  • Mix B mixer (chs. 25-48) returns tape outputs from recording device or digital interface for immediate playback, overdub tracking, and mix down. Mix B input can be assigned to Aux mixes and studio headphone mixes, and also be assigned to Main Channel or Mix B channel with flip of button.
  • 6 Stereo Aux returns - two aux returns assignable to subgroups and main mix enable Aux return signal be assigned directly to a record track. The other four returns are designed to facilitate monitoring of aux return signals and do not assign to subgroups.
  • Separate control room and studio outputs, additional external 2-track monitoring, dual independent headphone outputs, capability for four headphone mixes.
  • Built in talkback mic with volume control knob. Assign talkback mic to Aux 1, Aux 2, Studio, and Headphone mixes.
  • Tons of soloing capability all through the master output section

Live Features

  • Mix B offers separate stereo mix control for recording or broadcast feeds independent from main board mix and also provides an additional Aux bus.
  • 8 mono subgroups or 4 stereo pairs for enhanced mixing control.
  • Full LED meterbridge for enhanced monitoring capabilities and additional “wow” factor.
  • Full Solo/PFL capability throughout the console, including subgroups and Aux sends.
  • 6 Auxiliary sends for monitors and effects, all with pre-post switches and selectable between main channel or Mix B inputs. Also, 6 stereo Aux returns.
  • Insert points on all channels, subgroups, and main out.
  • Multiple input capability to accommodate a variety of sources, including three individual Tape/2-track inputs for Tape, CDs, DVDs, and MP3 players.
  • Console doubles as a discreet monitor desk capable of driving 16 independent mixes.
  • Mute buttons on every channel.

But Wait, There’s More

  • 100 mm logarithmic faders and sealed rotary pots provide smooth, responsive control action and keep the snap-crackle-and-pop out your mix and out of your mixer.
  • An internal autorange variable power supply allows the console to run on voltages ranging from 100V to 240V which is very handy for cross-Atlantic tours or funky grange halls that typically have fluctuating power.
  • 2 BNC connectors for 12V gooseneck lights
  • Rugged, road-ready all-steel chassis\

Product Features:

  • Ultra-low noise, high-headroom analog mixer for studio, live, front-of-house, monitor, corporate and touring audio applications
  • True in-line concept with 24 independent Mix-B input channels, all with individual 2-band EQ, Level, Pan and Mute
  • 24 state-of-the-art XENYX Mic Preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power
  • Neo-classic "British" 4-band EQs with 2 semi-parametric mid bands for warm and musical sound
  • 8 subgroups with independent Solo and routing functions simultaneously feed 16 multi-track outputs
  • Clip and -20 dB LEDs plus EQ In, Low Cut, Mute, Solo/PFL, Subgroup and Main routing switches on all channels
  • 6 Aux sends per channel: all switchable pre/post fader
  • Main Aux sends with Level controls and Solo functions
  • 6 multi-functional stereo Aux returns featuring Level and Balance controls, Solo and extensive routing functions
  • Solo-In-Place with PFL function plus 2 independent phones sections plus full-featured monitor and talkback section with built-in microphone
  • Comprehensive Channel, Group and Main insert points
  • Built-in meterbridge with meters for each channel, Subgroup and Main, monitoring either the channel or Tape return signal
  • Long-wearing 100-mm logarithmic-taper faders and sealed rotary controls
  • Expander port with universal jack connectors for optimal linking to other consoles
  • 2 BNC connectors for 12 V gooseneck lights
  • Internal autorange power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


Pricelist : Rp. 16.950.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 11.445.000,- ( Save 32,5% )

Ultra-Low Noise Design 32-Input 8-Bus Studio/Live Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamplifiers and British EQs

Product Features:

  • Ultra-low noise, high-headroom analog mixer for studio, live, front-of-house, monitor, corporate and touring audio applications
  • 24 state-of-the-art XENYX Mic Preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power plus 4 stereo Line inputs
  • Neo-classic "British" 4-band EQ (stereo channels) and 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid band (mono channels) for warm and musical sound
  • 8 subgroups with independent Pan controls, Solo and Main functions and insert connections
  • Clip and -20 dB LEDs plus Low Cut, Mute, Solo/PFL, Subgroup and Main routing switches on all channels
  • 8 Aux sends per channel: 4 pre/post fader switchable for flexible routing
  • Main Aux sends with Level controls and Solo functions
  • 4 multi-functional stereo Aux returns featuring Level and Balance controls, Solo and extensive routing functions
  • Solo-In-Place with PFL function plus full-featured Talkback, Phones and Monitor section
  • Inserts on all mono channels, subgroups and main
  • Balanced inputs and Main outputs for highest signal integrity
  • High-precision, 13-segment LED meter for main mix
  • Long-wearing 60-mm logarithmic-taper faders and sealed rotary controls
  • Internal autorange power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Mackie 3204-VLZ3

Pricelist : Rp. 23.875.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 17.900.000,- ( Save 25% )
Stok : 1 unit

The 32-channel Mackie 3204-VLZ3 combines VLZ3 low-noise, high-headroom technology with increased channel count and superior processing that’s perfect for real-world live gigs. 28 XDR2™ mic channels, each with 3-band, sweepable mid EQ, offer more clean and useable gain than the competition. Create great-sounding, professional mixes using dedicated channel and subgroup compression, dual RMFX+™ effects processors and true 4-bus architecture. You can even connect to your laptop to record the show, stream house music or use your favorite plug-in live using the built-in 4x2 USB interface. Define your sound, create your mix and record the whole show with the 3204-VLZ3.
Vastly Superior XDR2™ Mic Preamps
Our XDR2 mic preamps offer incredibly low noise, with individual mic pre THD below 0.0007%, and overall mixer THD less than 0.0025%. With 60dB of available gain per channel, the 3204-VLZ3 can handle inputs ranging from a whisper to a scream, and can even take hot line-level signals up to +22db, without any added coloration. You simply won’t find preamps this good on any other mixer in this price range.
Optimized 3-Band EQ
Tremendous resources went into optimizing the center points of the channel EQ, giving VLZ3 mixers practical useful equalization, providing not only sonic enhancement and correction, but also the tone-shaping facility to actually improve the musical nature of the original signal. The 3204-VLZ3 features 3-band EQ on all channels, with a sweepable mid on channels 1-28.
More Headroom and Less Distortion
High headroom and low noise have always been hallmarks of Mackie mixers. Our VLZ3 mixers are a perfect example — we're able to get even more headroom and less noise thanks to a better use of negative summing architecture. We mix all signals in the summing amp at -6dB, for lots of headroom right off the bat. Then we add 6dB of gain to the standard 10dB found in the fader gain stage. The net result is the ability to mix more hot signals without distortion.
“Gig Ready” Effects
Dual (as in 2) RMFX+ effects processors bring “gig-ready,” useable effects to your mixes, including an extremely useful tap function for delay. Basically, we’ve delivered a full rack of gear at your fingertips that is easy to master, allowing you to look and sound really good at your next gig. Really, really good.
Dedicated In-Line Compressors
Compressors are a critical tool for both live sound and recording. The 3204-VLZ3 features eight dedicated in-line compressors, delivering simple, sweet dynamic control with the single twist of a knob. Use the compressors on channels 25-28 for your most important vocals and instruments. There is also a compressor on each of the four subgroups, which is great for compressing common groups like drums for live or recording applications.
Aux Sends with Inserts
The 3204-VLZ3 houses six independent aux sends, perfect for many standard live and recording applications. Each and every aux send has an independent master level control and AFL (after fader listen) solo button to quickly check what you’re sending to that mix destination. And to top it off (and unlike the vast majority of the competition), every aux send features a TRS insert, allowing you to hook up a 31-band graphic EQ for each of your monitor mixes.
That’s right…the 3204-VLZ3 has a built-in 24-bit, 48kHz USB interface that’s ideal for both live and studio recording. The 4x2 built-in 24-bit, 48 kHz USB system goes above and beyond what the other guys can offer, providing out-of-the-box 4-track recording straight to your Mac or PC. Perfect for recording and archiving great live performances, true multi-track outputs deliver real flexibility in post-production so you can create a meaningful mix instead of being stuck with the exact stereo feed from the show. With flexible routing, you can even route your favorite DAW plug-in and use it live. The two-channel DAW return can route to the mains for playback during breaks or feed into channels 31/32 with access to EQ and aux sends.
VLZ3 4-Bus mixers offer the best footprint-to-channel count ratio available, delivering more features in less square footage. After all, it can get pretty crowded up at front of house…why mess with bulky boards that have a ton of unnecessary real estate? Taking the time and effort to design our boards with the engineer in mind may not be the easiest or cheapest route, but we know that compact is where it’s at. And in true Mackie tradition, the 3204-VLZ3 is “Built-Like-A-Tank”. Just check out this cool video of its little brother, the 802-VLZ3. There is no doubt that Mackie boards are road worthy, willing to take the abuse that would simply destroy the competition.

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P-Audio C18-650EL Challenger Series II

Pricelist : Rp. 2.670.000,-

P-Audio C18-650EL 1200W 18 Inch Low Frequency Driver with 4 Inch Voice Coil
The P Audio C18-650EL is a high output low frequency transducer. The C18-650EL is an upgraded design that features many of P Audio\'s new technologies and performance upgrades. The 18 inch (457mm) diameter piston will produce extremely high sound pressure levels at very low frequencies and is ideal for high level deep bass and sub woofer response in both live sound and recorded music venues. The transducer uses high energy ferrite magnetics to achieve a very high acoustic output to weight ratio.

The C18-650EL employs a large 4 inch (101.6mm) diameter voice coil that provides an AES rated 1200 watts of continuous power handling and a full 4800 watts of peak rated power handling when sufficient amplifier headroom is available. The transducer is optimized for use in properly tuned vented enclosures and will provide maximal reliability when both a vented enclosure and active high pass filtering are employed. The C18-650EL utilizes P Audio\'s Auto Balanced Cooling (ABC) technology to not only improve transducer power handling and reliability but to also increase power compression performance by carefully balancing and directing airflow to critical areas.

The voice coil design is a bobbin wound geometry with P Audio\'s rectangular wire technology to improve conversion efficiency and provide a large crosssectional area for superior cooling.

The transducer employs magnetic flux demodulation devices in the structure to increase fidelity and sonic accuracy. The system suspension has been designed specifically for high linear displacement and extended low frequency response. The double spider design further enhances system mechanical control and reliability. The cone has been treated with a conformal coating designed to provide additional mechanical damping and moisture resistance.

The transducer chassis is a die cast aluminum design that insures a very high degree of structural integrity.

JBL VRX928LA Line Array Loudspeaker System

Pricelist : Rp. 25.493.000,- perunit

The VRX928LA is a lightweight (28 lb / 13 kg) compact 8" two-way linearray speaker system designed for use in arrays of up to six units. 

Specifications :
Power Rating   :   400 W / 800 W / 1600W

Frequency Range   :   70 Hz - 20 kHz
(-10 dB)

(H x W x D)
  :   230 mm x 420 mm x 270 mm
9.0 in x 16.5 in x 10.5 in

Coverage Pattern   :   100 x 15 nominal

Frequency Response   :   85 Hz - 19 Hz

Crossover Modes   :   Bi-amp / passive,

Crossover Frequency   :   2.0 kHz

Weight   :   12.7 kg (28 lb)

Features :
  • Constant Curvature Array - The waveguide mounts two compression drivers on a continuous arc enabling them to work together acoustically as if they were a single driver.
  • Amplitude Shading- Convenient series of switches on each enclosures that controls the output of each high frequency section in the array.
  • Suspension and Rigging.
  • Dual Angle Pole Socket - JBL's dual angle pole sockets allow great flexibility in aiming the enclosure (not on - WH version)
  • Differential Drive® Woofer.  

Hofner Violin Outfit AS-060-V4/4

Pricelist : Rp. 2.090.000,-

This beginner's outfit comes with a round brazilwood bow with rosewood frog and a strong padded nylon bag.

"Foundation Series" Solid carved spruce top, solid maple back and sides, golden-brown finish, ebony fittings, maple bridge, finetuner tailpiece, polished steel strings. This beginner's outfit comes with a round brazilwood bow with rosewood frog and a strong padded nylon bag. Sizes available: 4/4 - 3/4

Hofner Violin Outfit H5G - V4/4 - 0

Pricelist : Rp 6,990,000

The Hofner "Allegretto" complete violin outfit contains the fully solid, slightly flamed maple, shaded spirit golden-brown hand-varnished H5 Series violin (H5G-V). An entry level instrument for the demanding student who is looking for a violin that incorporates all the features and benefits for which German instruments are famous - but at a very competitive price. The outfit also includes the AS-26-V bow and AS-90/165-V case along with a chinrest, rosin and pitchpipe.
Size: 4/4 - 1/4
Top: Alpine Spruce
Back,sides,neck: European Maple
Fingerboard, nuts: Ebony
Wood quality: A

Hand Varnish: Spirit Varnish
Antique Varnish: No

Tailpiece: Wittner Style
Pegs: Ebony Std.
Strings: Prelude


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